Released July 26th, 2022
Alok Vasudev - Searching for White Space
Alok Vasudev is the co-founder of Standard Crypto. We cover what advice he would give to crypto skeptics, whether the recent bubble in cryptoassets meets the definition of productive speculation, and look at some underestimated big ideas.
Venture Capital
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Kenneth Stanley - Greatness Without Goals
Ken Stanley is a Professor in Computer Science. We cover the reasons greatness cannot be planned, the importance of the individual in a web of disruption, and how to best allocate resources to foster innovation.
Aaron Wright - A Primer on DAOs
Aaron Wright is a law professor at Cardozo School of Law and founder of Tribute Labs. We cover the hive-mind that makes a DAO special, the mechanics of decision making within a DAO, and other possibilities DAOs could unlock.
John Pfeffer - Adapt and Evolve
John Pfeffer was a partner at private equity firm KKR in the 2000s, and now invests his own money through his private family office, Pfeffer Capital. We cover the difference between value creation and value capture, why John has made such a big bet on one asset, and why adaptation has become more important than ever.
Gabriel Leydon - Designing Digital Economies
Gabe Leydon is the co-founder and CEO of MZ, the company behind hit games such as Mobile Strike and Game of War. We cover why great design can actually be a bad sign, why he believes NFTs will create billionaire influencers, and how different cultures design games.
Crypto Payments and the DeFi Mullet
An exploration of how crypto payments are extending beyond retail and into institutions, enabled by utilities provided by Anchorage Digital.
Zero Knowledge
Packy McCormick breaks down the origins of zero knowledge proof (ZKP), the concept's practical applications, and where the space is headed.
Productive Bubbles
Bill Janeway reviews the history of bubbles, how they subsidized innovation, and monitoring bubbles today through a lens of progress.
Crypto Canon
A list of crypto readings and resources that covers everything from basics and key concepts to developer tutorials and maker stories.
NFT Canon
A go-to resource for those seeking to understand or do more with non-fungible tokens.
Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages
An analysis of how new technologies spread and the role of capital in major paradigm shifts through history.