Released August 16th, 2021
Suzanne Ciani - Exploring the Creative Process
Suzanne Ciani is a 5-time Grammy-nominated composer. We cover what it means to be an artist, how to evolve away from the need for approval and validation, and the importance of mentors during the creative process.
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Brian Koppelman - Chasing Curiosity
Brian Koppelman is a writer, director, producer, and podcast host. We cover the creative process and how he got immersed into the ideas that led to Billions and Solitary Man, why billionaires are viewed with such reverence in the US, and the art of good storytelling.
Buchla Concerts 1975
The first ever Buchla synthesizer concert. It represented a musical and scientific revolution and a counter-cultural touch point.
Seven Waves
Suzanne's first commercial album – it expresses her love and fascination with early electronic instruments.
Sonic Sculptor: Suzanne Ciani
Ciani talks about balancing her commercial work with her artistic career - and how the two worlds became symbiotic.
Suzanne Ciani on The Letterman Show
Suzanne makes an appearance on The David Letterman Show to play the synthesizer and Voice Box.
Suzanne Ciani on the Buchla
An experts guide to the Buchla at the Red Bull Music Academy in 2016.
Sisters with Transistors
A fascinating documentary about the women who embraced machines to produce music and how important women were in shaping electronic music.
Suzanne Ciani on 3-2-1 Contact
Electronic music pioneer explains how synthesizers work.
Suzanne Ciani and the Subliminal Property of Being Human
Dave Tompkin's immersive profile of Ciani and the sonic soundscapes she creates.
Report to National Endowment
Suzanne Ciani's report to the National Endowment about the "Basic Performance Patch" she designed for the Buchla Series 200.
The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
A guide to discovering and developing the artist within whether a painter, poet, screenwriter, musician, or, especially, a writer.
Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman
Yvon Chouinard's moving autobiography. It is the story of a unique business and a detailed blueprint for hope.
A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living
A treasure trove of insight and inspiration, thought-provoking in its depth, poetic in its scope.