Released December 23rd, 2021
Nick Saltarelli - One Foot in Front of the Other
Nick Saltarelli is the co-founder of Mid-Day Squares. We cover the importance of Mid-Day Squares’ $100 million revenue target, what’s wrong with the CPG industry today, and how to keep a long-term mindset while making the most of every day.
Business Building
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Kat Cole - Cinnabon: The Omnichannel Approach to Indulgence
Kat Cole is the former COO and President of North America for Focus Brands. Before that role, she was the president of Cinnabon. We cover Cinnabon's fascinating history, its omnichannel ecosystem, and how it develops and maintains its differentiated brand.
Kat Cole - How to Operate: Lessons in Brand, Distribution, and Leadership
A chat with the COO who helped Cinnabon shift the way the company does business during the challenging year of 2008
Rohan Oza, Jason Karp - The Power of Brand
An insightful guide on building brands, their pricing power and on partnering with influencers and celebrities to turbocharge a brand
Jesse Jacobs - Content to Commerce
Jesse Jacobs and Mike Kerns are co-founders and partners at The Chernin Group. We cover how TCG identifies creators that they can help build businesses with, how companies should think about influencers and media today, and what creator space innovations they are excited for.
Mid-Day Squares UNCENSORED!
An unfiltered space where all 3 founders share their journey in building Mid-Day Squares.
MDS 3.0: Beyond Greatness
A real-time look behind the curtain of a Mid-Day Squares as they fight through growing pains.
How The Passion Economy Will Disrupt Industry
Applying Clayton Christensen's disruption theory to explain how several industries will be changed by the passion economy.
Nick Saltarelli of Mid-Day Squares: 5 things I wish someone told me before I became a founder
Nick shares 5 things he wishes he knew before starting his business.
The Emperors of Chocolate: Inside the Secret World of Hershey and Mars
An intriguing look inside two of the largest chocolate companies in the world: Hershey and Mars.