Released April 12th, 2022
Alexandr Wang - A Primer on AI
Alexandr Wang is the CEO and founder of Scale AI. We cover the building blocks behind a successful artificial intelligence business, the significant role of AI in global security, and why data is supplanting code as a company's most valuable asset.
Business Building
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
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Ash Fontana - Investing in Artificial Intelligence
Ash Fontana is a managing partner at venture capital firm, Zetta. We cover the stages in which AI will be enabled, major components of the enterprise stack that he focuses on for AI, and why companies that are AI from the start will have a significant advantage in the space.
Josh Wolfe - The Past, Present, and Future of Defense
Josh is the co-founder of Lux Capital. Tony, now a partner at Lux, is a retired 4-star General and 11th Commander of the US Special Operations Command. We cover the technology frontiers in defense, the future of semiconductors, and the most important trait of great leaders.
Chetan Puttagunta - Go Slow to Go Fast: Software Building and Investing
Chetan Puttagunta is a general partner at Benchmark Capital. We cover how to implement empathy-led software product development, build an effective recruiting pipeline, and operate a remote-friendly culture.
Ilkka Paananen - Superpowering Teams
Ilkka Paananen is the Founder and CEO of Supercell, a mobile game developer based in Finland. We cover how Supercell hires and designs teams, why they incorporate as little process as possible, and the rise of global, social games.
Alexandr Wang (Scale AI) - Better AI Through Better Data
Hear Alexandr discuss the essential role of high-quality data in building powerful, useful, and unbiased AI and machine learning systems.
The Future of AI Research with Sam Altman of Open AI
Alexandr and Open AI CEO Sam Altman discuss Open AI’s latest research, and the current state of the AI industry more broadly.
The Difference Between Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Science Fiction
An interview with Taboola founder Adam Singolda, in which he talks about the meaningful differences between AI and ML.
Scale AI’s Rapid Growth Reflects Widening Demand for Smart Software
Learn how Scale AI is helping to build the foundation for an AI future, starting with data and labeling automation.
Hire People Who Give a S**t
Learn what to screen for while hiring and a simple line of questioning that can ascertain prospective employees’ culture fit and commitment.
AWS Whitepaper
A comprehensive overview of the Amazon Web Services offering, outlining its technical features and competitive advantage.
Competing in the Age of AI: Strategy and Leadership When Algorithms and Networks Run the World
A practical guide on how data and AI can remove constraints, create opportunities, and augment the strategy of a business.