Released June 3rd, 2022
Commissioner Hester Peirce - A Regulator’s View of Crypto
Hester Peirce is an SEC Commissioner. We cover her moniker of "Crypto Mom", how best to regulate crypto, and what she's most excited about in this space.
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Web3 Breakdowns Research: SEC Crypto Regulation
Learn about the key securities laws & cases informing crypto regulation, and perspectives from both the SEC and industry, in this report.
Ryan Selkis - The Crypto Research Platform
Ryan Selkis is the founder of Messari. We cover his history in the market, his latest thoughts on NFTs, and the regulatory landscape.
Ari Paul - The Evolution of Crypto Investing
Ari Paul is the co-founder and CIO of BlockTower Capital. We cover cryptocurrency valuation frameworks, parallels between the NFT and DeFi cycles, and his perspectives on various blockchain asset classes.
Fred Ehrsam - Hash Power - Part 3
With various investors and players in crypto as our guides, we cover regulation and storage of cryptos, forking in blockchains, and the need for increased security in cryptos.
The FTX Podcast #112 - SEC Commissioner Hester M. Peirce
A dialogue with Comm'r Peirce covering the SEC's structure, crypto regulation, and how the SEC keeps up with crypto advances.
The SEC and DEFI | Hester Peirce
An in-depth conversation that explores Comm'r Peirce's views on regulating DEFI and tokens, and how she earned the moniker "crypto mom."
MIT 15.S12 Blockchain and Money, Fall 2018
Learn from SEC Chair Gensler about blockchain technology and its potential to transform the financial system in his course at MIT Sloan.
Token Safe Harbor Proposal 2.0
Comm'r Peirce's Safe Harbor Proposal, which would exempt crypto developers from the requirements of federal securities laws for 3 years.
Prepared Remarks of Gary Gensler on Crypto Markets
SEC Chair Gensler outlines his views on the regulation of crypto platforms, stablecoins, and tokens in an April speech at U-Penn.
Digital Asset Transactions: When Howey Met Gary (Plastic)
A 2018 speech on the Howey Test, how it applies to digital assets, and cases in which tokens may not qualify as securities.
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Laws and Regulations 2022
A deep dive into the federal and state crypto regulatory landscape, touching on securities and money transmission laws, taxation, and more.
The Transformation of Wall Street - A History of the Securities and Exchange Commission and Modern Corporate Finance
A sweeping account of the origins, failings, and successes of the SEC from its creation in 1934 through the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002.