Released June 24th, 2022
Alex Danco - Tokengated Commerce
Alex Danco works on systems and crypto at Shopify. We cover why Shopify is investing in tokengated commerce, why this concept hasn’t been more widely adopted, and the differences between someone's identity and a token holder.
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Alex Danco - Shopify: The E-commerce On-Ramp
Alex Danco works on the Money team at Shopify. We cover the revenue model of Shopify's different business units by using Apple as a guide, how it monetizes different derivatives of merchant success, and Shopify's philosophy, culture, and role in global commerce.
Tobi Lutke - Embrace the Unexpected
Tobi Lütke is the co-founder and CEO of Shopify. We cover Shopify’s evolution into the world of atoms-based building through Shopify’s fulfillment network, the value of infrastructure writ large, and the impact of market volatility on day-to-day business building.
Jasmine Maietta - round21: Helping Athletes & Artists Build Brands
Jasmine Maietta is the founder of round21. We cover how round21 was able to collaborate with large brands so early, how she builds a digital-physical model around goods, and why it’s so important to speak the same language as your partner.
Jesse Jacobs - Content to Commerce
Jesse Jacobs and Mike Kerns are co-founders and partners at The Chernin Group. We cover how TCG identifies creators that they can help build businesses with, how companies should think about influencers and media today, and what creator space innovations they are excited for.
Jesse Walden - A Primer on NFTs
A conversation that covers the basics of what an NFT is, what new creative paradigms they may unlock, and where we are in the hype cycle.
What the Narrow Waist of the Internet Means for Innovation Today
A discussion of narrow waist protocol designs and the adoption common standards.
Tokengated Commerce
Alex Danco describes how blockchain and NFTs enable develops to build new shopping experiences for consumers.
A Retailer’s Guide to Tokengating and NFTs
A recap of NFTs and tokengating, with use case examples in music, retail, content, and dining.
Magic Beans
Possibly the clearest articulation of the mental model for NFTs, by the inimitable Venkatesh Rao.