Released August 10th, 2021
Sridhar Ramaswamy - The Past, Present, and Future of Search
Sridhar Ramaswamy is the co-founder and CEO of Neeva, and Venture Partner at Greylock. We cover the history of search and what led to Google’s dominance, his view on the potential end-state for ad-based search engines, and how all of his experiences led him to found Neeva.
Venture Capital
Business Building
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Ben Thompson - Platforms, Ecosystems, and Aggregators
Ben Thompson is the author of Stratechery, a business strategy newsletter. We cover his concept of aggregation theory, the evolution of the internet era, and how other tech trends have changed the business world for good.
How To Build A Better Google
Sridhar further describes why he thinks a subscription model is the right way to win and also dives into the future of search.
Recode Decoder: Sridhar Ramaswamy
Sridhar explains how Neeva limits data it collects, how it can reach a large audience, and the "big problem" with antitrust dogma in the US.
From an Engineer to Google SVP: My Career Tips and Advice
Sridhar reflects on his career journey of growing from a Software Engineer to Google SVP while sharing key lessons learned along the way.
Google's Empire is Being Unbundled
An examination of Google's key functions and their direct competitors, including Neeva in search.
Search Re-Imagined
A quick hitting Q&A with Sridhar and Greylock partners on key questions about Neeva.
Inside Neeva
A look into the early stages of building Neeva and how the product compares to Google.
The Friendship That Made Google Huge
Learn more about the deep relationship formed by two of Google's top coders.
The Google Squeeze
An exploration how Google is squeezing OTAs and its implications on consumer experiences.
How Google Works
A Google primer from Eric Schmidt and former SVP of Products on what they learned from building the company with numerous insider anecdotes.