Released July 19th, 2022
Matthew Ball - A Manual to The Metaverse
Matthew Ball is the Managing Partner of EpyllionCo. We cover the 3D engines powering the Metaverse, why interoperability is so important, and the types of companies that stand to do well under a shift to the Metaverse.
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Matthew Ball - The Future of Media: Movies, the Metaverse, and More
Matthew Ball is the Managing Partner of Epyllion Industries and the former head of strategy at Amazon Studios. We cover the past and future of media, video games, and the metaverse.
Reed McGinley-Stempel - The Passport of the Internet
Reed McGinley-Stempel is the co-founder and CEO of Stytch. We cover the history of online passwords, how Stytch is trying to eliminate passwords, and the power of using Ethereum to sign on to any website.
Nvidia: The Machine Learning Company
A history of Nvidia, covering how its pioneering role between tech and developers has enabled the “base layer” for the future of compute.
Discussion with Matthew Ball about the metaverse
Matthew joins Mark Zuckerberg to discuss the Metaverse - from data rights, to compute power and the rise in concurrent users in simulations.
Framework for the Metaverse
Matthew Ball’s primer on how to think about the innovation surrounding the Metaverse, and a framework for its eight core enablers.
Apple, Its Control Over the iPhone, and The Internet
How Apple has built an edge through their closed platform and what that implies for the Metaverse and innovation broadly on the internet.
DALL-E, the Metaverse, and Zero Marginal Content
Ben Thompson’s review of DALL-E, the evolution of mediums, and how machine learning is enabling content creation at zero marginal cost.
The Metaverse: And How it Will Revolutionize Everything
Matthew's new book outlines what the Metaverse is, where it came from, and how it’s poised to revolutionize industries across the board.