Released December 28th, 2021
Orlando Bravo - The Art of Software Buyouts
Orlando Bravo is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Thoma Bravo. We cover Orlando’s first software deal, why high growth and high margins are not mutually exclusive, and what he’s learned about selling well.
Professional Investors
Private Equity
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Eric Vishria - The Past, Present, and Future of SaaS and Software
Eric Vishria is a general partner at Benchmark Capital. We cover the different generations of SaaS and software businesses, why the future remains brighter than ever for companies building software products, and what impact their products will have on business in general.
Dan Rasmussen - Private Equity Returns in Public Markets
Dan Rasmussen is the founder of Verdad Advisers. We cover the myths of private equity, US versus global opportunities, and applying technical and systematic thinking into public market investing.
Matt Garratt - Salesforce: The Cloud & SaaS Pioneer
Matt Garratt is a General Partner at VC firm CRV and former head of Salesforce Ventures. We cover the attributes that make Marc Benioff special, how he pushed against convention to usher in a new era of cloud-based businesses, and ways in which he has built a world around Salesforce’s product lines.
Liberating the Human Spirit
A live conversation between Reid Hoffman and Robert Smith, the founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, on one's second purpose.
Anatomy of the SolarWinds Hack: Who What Where When How
A breakdown of the SolarWinds hack, one of the largest hacks of all time, and its implications for the future of cloud security.
Zero Trust Information
Ben Thompson on zero trust networking vs. castle-and-moat security and analogizing it to information as a whole.
The SaaS Metrics That Matter
David Sacks describes the metrics of a SaaS company that investors should look for and care about most, especially in the early stages.
Playing Different Games
Everett Randle breaks down Tiger Global's playbook and how it's outcompeting traditional VCs for deals.
The Decentralized Country
The Generalist on "nations" and how crypto and decentralization have the potential to reshape our conception of nationhood.
CSU Deep Dive
Breakdown of Constellation Software, a roll-up of vertical market software companies created over 25 years of acquisitions.