Released August 10th, 2022
Matt Reustle - Union Pacific: Long Train Runnin'
Matt Reustle is the CEO of Colossus and a former transport analyst. We cover the consolidation of the freight railroad industry, how they have been revived by a change in operating philosophy, and contrast rails with other modes of transportation.
Public Equity
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Eric Mandelblatt - Investing in the Industrial Economy
Eric Mandelblatt is the founder and CIO of Soroban Capital. We cover how the global push towards decarbonization could have massive impacts on the industrial economy, the supply and demand forces at work in commodities production, and why energy and materials represent such a small share of the market today.
Matt Reustle - UPS: Leaders of the Package
Matt Reustle is CEO of Colossus and a former Transport analyst. We cover the impetus behind UPS' better not bigger strategy, Amazon's position in the parcel delivery market, and the secular shifts taking place in the industry.
Ryan Petersen - Where There Is Mystery, There Is Margin
Ryan is the founder and CEO of Flexport, a technology platform for global trade. We cover the past, present, and potential future issues in the global supply chain, the role Flexport plays in the supply chain, and lessons he's learned building a global business.
This Is What the Pandemic Did to the U.S. Rail System
An analysis of how COVID crippled commercial rail freight, the steps the industry took to adapt, and what's required to get back to normal.
How Global Supply Chains Have Gotten Even Worse
Ryan Petersen of Flexport breaks down the chaotic state of global supply chains and the pressure facing the commercial freight industry.
All Aboard for Lance Fritz and America's Engine of Progress
A conversation breaking down railroad operations, the regulatory landscape, and what impact the global economy is having on business.
Rail Freight: What’s in the Crystal Ball?
An assessment of the demand for rail freight and strategic objectives of railroads in 2022 and beyond.
A Short History of U.S. Freight Railroads
Summaries the key inflection points in the history, with emphasis on how regulation and missed opportunities led to decline and stagnation.
The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger
The Box tells the story of the shipping container and how it changed modern day supply chains forever.
Railroader: The Unfiltered Genius and Controversy of Four-Time CEO Hunter Harrison
Learn more about this revolutionary railroader who spent over half a decade in the industry as a key figure in its evolution.
Union Pacific: The Reconfiguration - America's Greatest Railroad from 1969 to the Present
A complete history of Union Pacific, exploring how the company has survived numerous challenges and thrived.