Released July 28th, 2022
Nick Howley - Operator to Capital Allocator with Nick Howley
Nick Howley is the Founder and Executive Chairman of TransDigm. We cover TransDigm’s evolution while under public ownership, unpack its approach to special dividends, and examine meaningful acquisitions alongside disruptive crises.
Business Building
Public Equity
TransDigm Group
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Nick Howley - TransDigm: Foundations with Nick Howley
Nick Howley is the Founder and Executive Chairman of TransDigm. We cover TransDigm’s foundations under private ownership, dig into its core value drivers, and explore the business's early M&A motion.
Compounding Labs: TransDigm Research
Internal case study on TransDigm’s value creation playbook, historical performance, capital allocation approach, notable crises, and peers.
Proprietary TransDigm Resources
Explore the materials used to prepare for this podcast episode, including proprietary research, original investment memos, and more.
Interview with Yen Liow, Aravt Global
Yen Liow highlights Nick Howley and TransDigm as an excellent manager and business.
Could TransDigm be the Valeant of the Aerospace Industry?
Short report speculating on price gauging, an unstable capital structure, and other headwinds that preceded a spike in short interest.
Bull Thesis in Response to Short Report
Anonymous investment case for TransDigm in response to Citron’s short report, addressing pricing, acquisitions, and leverage.
Interview with Thomas Murphy, Capital Cities
Tom Murphy details the rich history of Capital Cities, which offers a close parallel to TransDigm in its decentralized structure.
Interview with Alex Captain, Cat Rock
Interview in which Alex Captain shares his perspective on TransDigm following COVID-19’s influence on aerospace.
The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success
Will’s close evaluation of companies’ performance and their leaders.