Released July 14th, 2021
Clifford Sosin - Cardlytics: The Ad Platform with Purchasing Power
Cliff Sosin is the founder of CAS Investment Partners. We cover what makes Cardlytics' value proposition so valuable to the ecosystem, how Cardlytics' measurement capabilities differ from Google, and what is needed for Cardlytics to reach its full potential.
Public Equity
Professional Investors
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Peter Reinhardt - Learning How to Sell
Peter Reinhardt is the co-founder and CEO of Segment, a market-leading data customer data platform. We cover the lessons Peter has learned throughout his journey running Segment, why revenue operations is an underrated aspect of any business, and the current data use trends.
Rebecca Kaden - Thesis Driven Investing
Rebecca Kaden is a partner at Union Square Ventures. We cover the three industries that USV is focusing on in its third generation thesis, issues with digital marketing, and the importance of strong mentorship throughout her career.
Robert Cantwell - Facebook: The Trillion Dollar Listing
Robert Cantwell is the founder and CIO of Upholdings. Jesse Pujji is the co-founder and CEO of Ampush. We cover how Facebook successfully navigated the transition from desktop to mobile, what drives the value of its network, and dive deep into the Facebook ad ecosystem.
AdExchanger: Cardlytics CEO Lynne Laube
Cardlytics CEO, Lynne Laube, talks about unlocking relationships with financial institutions, data privacy, and other Cardlytics topics.
Moving Finance To The Center: David Evans, CFO, Cardlytics
A 2019 interview with then-CFO of Cardlytics, David Evans, that provides color on the business, it's history, and challenges they've faced.
Spree Capital Investment Letter
Spree Capital's investment thesis on Cardlytics.
Cardlytics FAQs
Useful set of FAQs to understand the business and its value proposition from all angles; consumer, bank, marketer, and investor.