Released June 22nd, 2022
Oakleigh Thorne - Gogo: Internet for Private Jets
Oak Thorne is the President and CEO of Gogo. We cover the size of the market for in-flight connectivity, the technology powering Gogo's offering, and how Starlink differs.
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Public Equity
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Will Marshall - Indexing the Earth
Will Marshall is the co-founder and CEO of Planet. We cover the untold space story, how space is going through an internet moment where cost reductions and performance enhancements have led to a seismic shift in what’s possible above our atmosphere, and how that can drastically improve life on Earth through unique datasets like the one Planet is piecing together.
Marc Ganzi - Pioneering Digital Infrastructure
Marc Ganzi is the President and CEO of DigitalBridge. We cover what digital infrastructure means, why DigitalBridge is one of the most important companies in the industry, and how the competitive environment has changed.
Tren Griffin - A Primer on Space: The Final Frontier
Tren Griffin is a director at Microsoft. We cover how our ground economy is enabled by space today, what excites him most about the opportunities in space, and how space compares to other network foundations.
NSR’s Brad Grady Talks Market Outlook for In-flight Satellite Connectivity Services
An overview of the market for satellite-powered in-flight connectivity and introduction to the latest technologies powering this field.
In-flight Cellular with Fred Teichman of GoGo Wireless
A comprehensive and detailed look at the technology behind Gogo's offering and how it is deployed.
Gogo 5G Podcast
A summary of the benefits of 5G connectivity for aviation, with particular emphasis on Gogo's 5G product roadmap and launch.
Digital Now: Why the Future of Aviation starts with Connectivity
A detailed report on the drivers of change, the aviation ecosystem, future of airport connectivity, AI, and digital trust technologies.
How Do SpaceX's Starlink Satellites Actually Work?
A summary of the technology behind Starlink's low earth orbit satellites, and their use cases in expanding global access to Internet.