Released September 30th, 2021
Dave Girouard - Making Better Loans
Dave Girouard is the co-founder and CEO of Upstart. We cover the past, present, and future of lending, the differences between public and private market investors from a founder’s perspective, and the lessons Dave has learned about building speed into a habit.
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Brian Harwitt - Esoteric Credit with Ali Hamed, Brian Harwitt, and Marc Porzecanski
Ali Hamed, Brian Harwitt, and Marc Porzecanski work together at CoVenture. We cover the landscape of esoteric credit with concrete examples, the current credit cycle, and key determents of success in the credit lending business.
Modest Proposal - Better, Cheaper, Faster: Why Companies that Reduce Friction Win
The pseudonymous Modest Proposal is one of the most respected thinkers on financial Twitter. We cover the frameworks he uses to analyze today's stock market, the impacts of COVID on businesses, and break down what makes InterActiveCorp (IAC) such a unique company.
Oliver Hughes - The Secret Fintech Giant
Oliver is the CEO of Tinkoff, an online Russian bank. We cover how Tinkoff used direct mailshots to become the largest online bank in Russia, how they build profitability into all their business lines, and why they own the largest door-to-door logistics operation in Russia.
The Policy Triangle
A detailed overview on the state of lending businesses today and how startups navigate the vast regulatory space.
Upstart CEO talks major IPO ‘pop,’ A.I. racial bias, and Google
A Q&A on how Upstart CEO is thinking of their 2021 IPO and how macroeconomic events have impacted their business.
Podcast Transcription Session 23: Dave Girouard
A transcript with Lend Academy on the details around how Upstart's lending program works and how they think about rates.
Upstart just went public — CEO Dave Girouard shares why it isn’t a typical success story
An in depth conversation on the origins of Upstart and the frameworks Dave used as he experienced the ups and downs of building.
Interview with Dave Girouard, Founder & CEO of Upstart ($UPST)
A discussion with Dave on how Upstart has been doing after their IPO (recent acquisitions, financials, stock price pop, future verticals).