Released February 4th, 2022
Tina He - Transporting Talent in Web3
Tina He is currently building Station. We cover Tina’s personal journey as an online contributor, what drives her passion for creating a new future for work, and how Station differentiates itself from Web2 platforms.
Business Building
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Colossus Research
Station: Web3 Research
Learn about Station's genesis and value proposition in our research prepared ahead of Eric's conversation with Tina.
Aaron Wright - A Primer on DAOs
Aaron Wright is a law professor at Cardozo School of Law and founder of Tribute Labs. We cover the hive-mind that makes a DAO special, the mechanics of decision making within a DAO, and other possibilities DAOs could unlock.
Tina He: The transience of identity + finding belonging in web3
Learn about porting web2 skills to web3, the transience of identity, anonymity, and how humans will find belonging in a digital world.
Tina He on abundance and scarcity in the metaverse + onboarding in web3
Tina and Alisha talk narratives, technology, and incentives in web3.
Composable Membership and its Role in Generating Social Capital
Essay on access, permissions, and status in communities and designing a membership system in web3 that’s built on social capital.
A Novel Framework for Reputation-Based Systems
A new reputation system design based on a pair of tokens–one for signaling reputation and the other for offering liquidity–is discussed.
Rails, Terminals, and Bazaars
A high level overview of how Station intends to build the infrastructure for the future of work and collaboration.
A New Genre of Work
Web3 has opened the gates to reexamining the organization as we know it. This essay looks at the building blocks of future of work.
We are all social oracles: An era of decentralized hiring
Exploration of web3 hiring and Waiting Room, the first feature in the Station ecosystem.