Senior User Experience Designer (Remote)
Our mission is to become the leading destination to learn about business building and investing.

At Colossus®, we want to produce the best content in the business and investing world and the best place to discover, search and consume that content.

To fulfill our mission we are now hiring a handful of roles to accelerate our content production and build the best podcast player to learn from that content. Read our post about the content and products we are building: Colossus - The Next Chapter.

This role will play a pivotal role in a small team in helping us fulfill our mission.

The Role

We are seeking a designer whose interest and skills center on UX design, specifically for mobile. This role will help lead our effort to design the iOS/Android application and brand we want for ourselves.

We’ve already built a substantial business at Colossus, which can and will continue to grow without software. But to be a foundational, game-changing business, we need to own the interface between our customers and the content that they already love.

We have a large and fast-growing audience. We know how to create the content. We need your help to build the tool that better connects our audience with our expanding library of educational content.

Why this is such a good job:

This is a job for a designer who loves hard challenges, wants the potential upside of startup, but not the core risks of one. You are a talented designer who wants to shape a startup from the ground-up: creating our visual identity, designing our user interface from scratch, and making our content and products beautiful.

Here’s what the job offers:

Autonomy: We are hiring someone who wants the challenge of designing a remarkable iOS/Android application. The only way that is possible is to give you lots of control. We will of course be a part of the process as prime users, and we have no shortage of ideas or suggestions, but we aren’t experts at product design. We want this person to tell us and show us what to do and then do it.

Support: While we aren’t experts in design, we are experts in bringing high quality business and investing content to the world. You will be surrounded by a team of people passionate about the business we are creating and will be the sounding board you need to guide our design decisions.

Upside: Our compensation package for this role will include equity in the business, profit sharing (in a business that is already cashflow positive). We also have high quality healthcare, dental, vision, and 401k benefits.

Security: We funded the business ourselves and its already financially self-sustaining.

A Blank Canvas: In our opinion, this is the most important feature of the job. This is a chance to build something from scratch that people love and that you can be proud of, and to do it with an exceptional team.

  • Must be interested in business and investing, because that is our focus. We will gauge this curiosity carefully.
  • Must resonate with the Colossus Values
  • Must have experience using UX design best practices to design solutions, and a deep understanding of mobile-first and responsive design.
  • Must sweat the details - you care about solving the problem for the end user.
  • Must move fast - you have the ability to iterate designs and solutions efficiently and intelligently.
  • Helpful - “full stack” designer with a background in brand, designing icons, merchandise and other general design need. You own design for the company.
  • Not required - any specific location. You can work from anywhere within 3 hours of Eastern Standard Time.

How to apply:

Send an e-mail to [email protected] with Subject line - “Senior User Experience Designer” and include:
  • A thoughtful introduction about yourself, background, and favorite thing about investing.
  • Link to your LinkedIn or resume.
  • Link to your portfolio
  • * 500 words max - What’s your favorite mobile application from a design perspective and why?

Who we are?

We are the team behind Invest like the Best and Founder’s Field Guide. Our podcasts get over 1 million downloads per month and we are growing rapidly.