Released May 4th, 2021
Andrew Sugrue - Investing in Paradigm Shifts
Andrew Sugrue is the co-founder and partner at Avenir Growth Capital. We cover the company attributes that Andrew looks for when investing, what separates Savage X Fenty and Latch as category defining businesses, and how he thinks about private vs public market investing.
Private Equity
Professional Investors
Venture Capital
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Hamilton Helmer - Power + Business
A conversation with Hamilton Helmer about the 7 sources of power for a business and how companies earn and keep those powers over time.
7 Powers: The Foundations of Business Strategy
Hamilton Helmer develops a practical theory of strategy that creates the potential for persistent differential returns.
A Dozen Things I’ve learned from Julian Robertson about Investing
A blog post from Tren Griffin detailing 12 business lessons that he's learned from Julian Robertson.
The 'Drop Culture' Strategy
An analysis of drop culture and the benefits that it can bring to a brand.
Scale and Loyalty are More Important Online than Offline
A review of why scale and loyalty matter more online than offline, creating the “winner take most dynamics” seen on the internet.
Why Businesses Should Know Where Their Densest Markets Are
A look into why demand density is important as it provides a shortcut to scalability with less investment.
Don't Scale an Unprofitable Business: Why Unit Economics (Still) Matter
An overview of unit economics, common mistakes evaluating a company's metrics, and why scaling an unprofitable business doesn't make sense.
Money Masters of Our Time
A book on the investment techniques and methods used by 17 of the biggest names in the investing world.
The Future Of Airbnb And Amazon Might Hinge On A Smart Lock
A history of the idea for Latch and the founder's vision for becoming the access platform connecting all the places you need to get into.
Julian Robertson — Looking for Competitive Spirit
An interview with Julian Robertson on his investment philosophy and how he got started in the industry