Released September 14th, 2021
Daniel Ek - Enabling Creators Everywhere
Daniel Ek is the CEO and founder of Spotify. We cover differences between the world of bits and atoms, how Daniel gets up to speed in challenging new fields, and how Spotify aims to nurture the evolving creator ecosystem.
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Daniel Ek - The Future of Audio
Daniel Ek is the founder and CEO of Spotify. We cover trends in audio, some of his frameworks for viewing the world, and his commitment to growth for both himself and Spotify.
Hunter Walk - Building Picks and Shovels
Hunter Walk is the cofounder of the venture capital firm Homebrew. We cover the lessons he learned during his time at Google and YouTube, the current investments that Homebrew is interested in, and the major trends he has seen over the course of his first 3 funds.
Marc Andreessen - Making the Future
Marc is a co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz and a Silicon Valley icon. Marc was also an early pioneer of the internet, and at the age of 22 built Mosaic, which was the first widely adopted web browser. We cover how software is making the world better, how slow sectors like education, healthcare, and housing are eating the economy, and Marc’s vision for the future of A16Z.
The Cost Disease in Healthcare
Marc Andreesen and General Partner Vijay Pande explain why healthcare, education and housing is so expensive and how technology is the cure.
Daniel Ek
An interview with Daniel Ek about time management, decision making, acquisitions, and much more.
Jeff Bezos' 2015 Letter to Shareholders
Bezos’ reflections on company culture, failure & experimentation, decision making, and Amazon’s growth.
Book Review: Seeing Like a State
Scott Alexander summarizes Seeing Like a State, a book about data collection, legibility, top-down design, and more.
Inversion and The Power of Avoiding Stupidity
On working and thinking backwards to solve problems.
The Passion Economy and the Future of Work
Li Jin on how new platforms today allow people to monetize their individuality in contrast to the homogenous work in earlier platforms.
Is Spotify’s Exclusive Podcast Strategy Working?
On the strategy and results behind Spotify's podcast business, specifically exclusive podcasts.
A compilation of Ben Thompson's articles on Spotify's evolving strategy.
The Wizard and the Prophet
Charles Mann on the history of the two dueling visions of how to save the planet: innovating or cutting back.
Poor Charlie's Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger
A compilation of Charlie Munger's business and life frameworks, and decision making principles.