Released August 19th, 2021
Max Simkoff - Redesigning the Home Buying Experience
Max Simkoff is the founder and CEO of Doma. We cover the history behind mortgage closings, where Title companies fall into that process, and what Max has learned from building a tech business in an antiquated industry.
Business Building
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Assaf Wand - Innovation in Static Industries
Assaf Wand is the CEO and co-founder of Hippo, a homeowner insurance startup founded in 2015. We cover how Hippo approached innovation in the highly regulated insurance industry, unique strategies for building brand trust, and how direct relationships with homeowners have opened up Hippo's business model to a wide range of opportunities.
Modest Proposal - Better, Cheaper, Faster: Why Companies that Reduce Friction Win
The pseudonymous Modest Proposal is one of the most respected thinkers on financial Twitter. We cover the frameworks he uses to analyze today's stock market, the impacts of COVID on businesses, and break down what makes InterActiveCorp (IAC) such a unique company.
Jeff Ma - Making Decisions with Data
Jeff Ma has spent his career in and around the fields of analytics and data science. We cover how analytics are being used in sports and gambling, how data science can be used for evaluating human capital, and the issues he faced during his time at Twitter.
How Doma is Simplifying Home Ownership Experiences
Max Simkoff discusses issues with home ownership experiences, and how Doma's simplification of the process increases customer satisfaction.
PropTech 2020: The Future of Real Estate
The report explores the history of PropTech market growth, and breaks down the landscape of startups and technologies across its verticals.
Unicorn Founders Hold Court on PropTech’s Resi Revolution
A discussion with founders of top PropTech startups on challenging incumbents and reducing friction in the residential real estate market.
Doma is Architecting the Future of Real Estate Transactions
Doma's investor presentation with a comprehensive overview of the company's business model and key drivers of growth.
Startups Are Poised To Disrupt The $14B Title Insurance Industry
Learn about the bottlenecks in the Title insurance industry and how a handful of startups are removing them to disrupt the incumbents.
PropTech Market Update: Q221
A look into the activity of the US PropTech players and major trends in the market.
The End of Insurance As We Know It: How Millennials, Insurtech, and Venture Capital Will Disrupt the Ecosystem
This book explains how the insurance industry is experiencing foundational changes enabled by artificial intelligence.