Released July 8th, 2021
David Velez - Building the Branchless Bank
David Vélez is the founder and CEO of Nubank, the world’s largest digital bank with over 40 million customers. We cover his venture capital background at Sequoia, the pros and cons of building a digitally native business, and what gets him most excited about innovation and technology in emerging markets.
Business Building
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Oliver Hughes - The Secret Fintech Giant
Oliver is the CEO of Tinkoff, an online Russian bank. We cover how Tinkoff used direct mailshots to become the largest online bank in Russia, how they build profitability into all their business lines, and why they own the largest door-to-door logistics operation in Russia.
Henrique Dubugras - Building the Financial Center of Gravity
Henrique Dubugras is the co-founder and CEO of Brex. We cover Brex’s transition from a credit card for start-ups to the central account for businesses, why building that central account was orders of magnitude more difficult than expected, and the difference between building a business in Brazil and the US.
Insights into Brazil's Silicon Valley
A discussion on Brazil's emerging class of entrepreneurs and its rapid pace of innovation.
Nubank: Finding Brilliance in Brokenness
An in-depth summary of Nubank's origins, market opportunity, and what the future holds.
The man behind Latin America’s “anti-bank”
A look into the inspiration behind David Velez decision to disrupt the Latin American banking system and what Nubank does for its customers.
Latin America’s Fintech Boom
An analysis of what makes LatAm a promising place to start a fintech company, plus tailwinds, headwinds, and future opportunities there.
Latin America: Global Investors’ New Fintech Frontier
A white paper on the state of LatAm Fintech, insights on how it began, and factors for long-term success.