Released November 17th, 2021
Ali Hamed - Amazon Aggregators: Buying Third-Party Sellers
Ali Hamed is a partner of CoVenture. We cover the three superpowers Amazon sellers have, why there’s only $8bn in funding for a market doing $50bn in EBITDA, and how Amazon Aggregators are structured and operate.
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Colossus Research
Amazon Aggregators: Breakdowns Research
Read our report on the marketplace for Amazon's third party sellers and the businesses acquiring these digital storefronts.
Ali Hamed - Creative Investing
Ali Hamed is a managing partner and co-founder of CoVenture. We cover credit, earning returns better than the market, and identifying and creating unique opportunities in new areas where others have not.
Carlos Cashman - Lessons from the Amazon Ecosystem
Carlos Cashman is the co-founder and co-CEO of Thrasio an acquirer of third-party Amazon sellers. We cover the third-party Amazon seller ecosystem, the future of e-commerce, and lessons that he's learned building Thrasio into a $1B company.
Alex Danco - Shopify: The E-commerce On-Ramp
Alex Danco works on the Money team at Shopify. We cover the revenue model of Shopify's different business units by using Apple as a guide, how it monetizes different derivatives of merchant success, and Shopify's philosophy, culture, and role in global commerce.
Thrasio Co-CEO Josh Silberstein on mastering the Amazon marketplace
A deep dive on the Amazon Marketplace ecosystem, and multi-front competition with traditional retailers, Google, and Facebook.
The Perch Story
Perch founder Chris Pell discusses supply chain optimization, building an omnichannel brand, and positioning versus big CPG companies.
The Amazon Third Party Seller Ecosystem Might be the Most Important Thing Since the iOS App Store
Ali Hamed breaks down an investment framework for analyzing Amazon third-party sellers.
Jeff Bezos' 2015 Letter to Shareholders
Bezos’ reflections on company culture, failure & experimentation, decision making, and Amazon’s growth.
Prime and Punishment: Dirty Dealing in the $175 Billion Amazon Marketplace
A thorough investigation of dirty tactics, including fraud, hijacking, and defacement on the Amazon Marketplace.
Dollar Shave Club and the Disruption of Everything
Ben Thompson describes how Dollar Shave Club, a CPG e-commerce company, disrupts the incumbent CPG Procter & Gamble.
Amazon Unbound
Brad Stone's sequel on Amazon tells engaging stories behind building Alexa, AWS, Prime Video, and Marketplace.