Released January 12th, 2022
Jeff Hoffman - Cannabis: Legalizing the Leaf
Jeff Hoffman is a co-portfolio manager at Marathon Partners Equity Management. We cover the size of the Cannabis industry today, the structural inefficiencies present in the market, and the anticipated path of regulatory changes.
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Cannabis Industry Research
Read our research on the history of the cannabis industry and the forces shaping its growth.
Justin Singer - How Regulation Unlocks Opportunity
Justin Singer is the founder and CEO of Caliper Foods and Stillwater Brands. We cover how regulation creates or destroys business and investing opportunities, the path of marijuana legalization, and the ins and outs of the cannabis industry.
Jason Karp - Opportunities in Public and Private Markets
Jason Karp is the founder and CIO of Tourbillon Capital Partners. We cover activity in the public and private markets, opportunities in the health and wellness sector, and investing in the cannabis industry.
Cannabis Stocks Are A Coiled Spring - Industry Update With Brady Cobb
A conversation with Brady Cobb discussing the SAFE Banking Act, uplisting, and what legislation will mean for cannabis investors.
Investment Memo
The Cannabis Manifesto
Aaron Edelheit makes a persuasive case for why cannabis is a generational investment opportunity.
Cannabis: Driving growth and building trust in global markets
Outlines the current state of the industry and delivers a three-part framework for cannabis companies to position themselves for growth.
The 2020 Cannabis Consumer
A beautifully illustrated report on the cannabis industry through the eyes of the consumer, based on surveys of over 1000 US consumers.
Marijuana Moment
The best news resource to stay up to date on changes in legislation and macro movements in the cannabis industry.
The Cannabis Business: Understanding Law, Finance, and Governance in America’s Newest Industry
A comprehensive overview of the cannabis industry and an exploration of the legal framework under which businesses operate.