Released May 18th, 2021
Brent Beshore - Learnings from a Year of Unexpected Events
Brent Beshore is the CEO and founder of Permanent Equity. We cover the economy post-Covid, key lessons learned, and the nuances of a private equity deal process.
Private Equity
Professional Investors
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Brent Beshore - Cultivating a Disaster Resistant, Compound Interest Machine
A discussion on starting a private equity firm from scratch and how they add value to the companies they invest in.
Brent Beshore - Update on Small Business and Private Equity
An overview of private equity and small businesses right on the onset of the Covid pandemic.
Permanent Equity Annual Letter - Lemons and Mixology: 2020 In Review
The 2020 annual letter from Permanent Equity.
The Other Reason the Labor Force Is Shrunken: Fear of Covid-19
An article on how the labor force is navigating a post-Covid era.
How to Acquire Your First Small(er) Company
A how-to guide on acquiring a business.
How to Become Insanely Well-Connected
Tips on developing meaningful business relationships.
Calculating Working Capital
A comprehensive overview on working capital and how to properly analyze each line item.
Investors and Operators: Lessons I've Learned From Both Worlds
An overview of Brent's biggest takeaways from being an investor and operator.
Welcome to Finding Middle Ground: Demistifying Deal Structure
An in-depth deep dive into the various possible deal structures in purchase agreements.
What’s going on here, with this human?
Based on a wealth of experience, Graham Duncan shares how to make better decisions on a potential hire, business partner, or life partner.
The Messy Marketplace: Selling Your Business in a World of Imperfect Buyers
An overview on the process and emotional journey of selling a company.