Released August 18th, 2021
Kyle Wailes - SmileDirectClub: Closing the Gap with Affordability
Kyle Wailes is the current CFO of SmileDirectClub. We cover the company’s DTC roots, how SmileDirectClub differentiates itself relative to metal braces and clear aligner competitors like Invisalign, and what growth opportunities the business plans to pursue moving forward.
Business Building
Public Equity
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Nick Greenfield - Invisalign: Patents, Patients, Profits
Nick Greenfield is the CEO of Candid, an e-commerce solution to teeth aligners. We cover how Invisalign has come to dominate share in the clear aligner industry, the unit economics across the value chain of orthodontics, and the potential avenues for Invisalign to continue its growth.
Investment Memo
SmileDirectClub: Research Report (Credit Suisse)
Credit Suisse's 2019 initiation report on SmileDirectClub, its industry, and potential future.
Financial Model
SmileDirectClub: Financial Model
Explore SmileDirectClub's financials in detail with Canalyst's fundamental business model.
SmileDirectClub: In House Agency
A look into the in-house agency powering SmileDirectClub's customer acquisition engine.
SmileDirectClub: SmileShops
An overview of SmileDirectClub's in-store partnership with CVS.
Investment Memo
SmileDirectClub: Q2 2021 Earnings Presentation
Q2'21 earnings presentation from SmileDirectClub - highlights challenges with cost per lead at scale.