Released June 8th, 2021
Xin Yi Lim - Pinduoduo: Rise of Social Commerce
Xin Yi Lim is Pinduoduo’s Senior Director for Corporate Development. We cover what made Pinduoduo attractive to buyers, the business's fascinating network dynamics, and how the team buying concept creates scaled demand.
Public Equity
Business Building
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Understanding Pinduoduo’s Evolution, with Ada Yang
Ada Yang, Head of Social Community at Pinduoduo, provides an overview of the platform and shares some of their less well known initiatives.
The Complete History and Strategy of Pinduoduo
A comprehensive history and analysis of what makes Pinduoduo special and how they entered a market that everyone considered, "already won".
Agri Matters Podcast
A monthly Pinduoduo podcast about cutting-edge technology and innovation in agriculture.
How Pinduoduo Works
A brief tour of the Pinduoduo app and how their model works.
Pinduoduo and Vertically Integrated Social Commerce
A deep dive into Pinduoduo's business model, how it cut out the middle-man and became competitive in a market dominated by Alibaba and JD.
Anu Hariharan, Nic Dardenne: Pinduoduo and the Rise of Social E-Commerce
A deep dive into the social and interactive mechanics of Pinduoduo's business.
Financial Model
Pinduoduo Financial Model
Explore Pinduoduo's financials with Canalyst's fundamental business model.
Matthew Brennan, Elliot Zaagman: Interactive E-Commerce Whitepaper
A conceptual exploration of social and interactive e-commerce through the lens of Pinduoduo.
Tweet-thread on China's programmable logistics and payments infrastructure
Bill Gurley's tweets explaining why China's infrastructure has enabled so much e-commerce innovation relative to the US.
Pinduoduo Stories
Pinduoduo's blog where they share important initiatives, as well as interesting trends and developments that they're seeing.