Released February 18th, 2022
Graham Novak, Miguel Piedrafita - The Week Crypto Bid for The Constitution
Graham Novak and Miguel Piedrafita were two core contributors to Constitution DAO. We cover the intense 96 hours leading up to the bid, how decisions were coordinated, and just how they managed to raise 40 million dollars in less than a week.
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Colossus Research
Constitution DAO: Web3 Research
Learn about ConstitutionDAO's incredible story through this report, prepared ahead of Eric's conversation with Graham and Miguel.
Aaron Wright - A Primer on DAOs
Aaron Wright is a law professor at Cardozo School of Law and founder of Tribute Labs. We cover the hive-mind that makes a DAO special, the mechanics of decision making within a DAO, and other possibilities DAOs could unlock.
Constitution DAO, An Inside Look - Julian Weisser, Will Papper, Sirsu
Two contributors talk about ConstitutionDAO while the process of buying a copy of the Constitution is still underway.
DAO Panel | Kain Warwick, CoopahTroopah, Tracheopteryx
A conversation about the state of DAOs today and thoughts on the future.
Let's Buy the US Constitution
Packy McCormick writes about his journey with ConstitutionDAO, from getting the initial message to coordinating a group on discord.
DAO Nation
A history of DAOs from 2016-mid 2021 by Cooper Turley highlights some of the broader opportunities and issues in the space
The Story of the DAO — Its History and Consequences
Learn about the spectacular rise and fall of the first DAO, and lessons learned from the experience.
Reflections on Trusting Trust
This Turing Award Lecture is a bit technical, but explains why even with code, being able to trust people behind the code is more important.
Inadequate Equilibria
This book has inspired multiple web3 builders to tackle some of the areas that society seems “stuck” on.