Released April 28th, 2021
Ro Nagpal - Twilio: Messaging, Margins, and Markets
Ro Nagpal is a senior investment professional at Holocene Advisors. We cover Twilio's unique approach to distribution, how lower gross margins versus peers can work to its advantage, and why Twilio's revenue model aligns incentives with its customers.
Public Equity
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Jeff Lawson - How to Build a Platform
A conversation with Jeff Lawson, Twilio's founder, on why it pays to be a platform, the power of APIs, and how to sculpt a company culture.
Twilio and the Magic of Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting
An overview of Twilio's business model, competitive strengths and path to profitability.
Twilio: The Next Act
An overview of the API economy, responses to some of Twilio’s critics, and the upside case for the company moving forward.
APIs All The Way Down
A discussion of the modern API infrastructure layer with a specific focus on how Shopify leverages Stripe’s APIs for mutual benefit.
Twilio Investment Memo
The original investment recommendation to invest in Twilio's seed round, circulated at Bessemer Venture Partners in 2009.
The Wizard Of Apps: How Jeff Lawson Built Twilio Into The Mightiest Unicorn
Written a few months after Twilio went public, this article sheds light on the story behind Twilio, its founder and early culture.
Twilio Business Breakdown: Flex Customer Perspective
An interview with an exec at HubSpot about Twilio and their Flex product, Twilio's cloud-based contact centre.
Twilio Board Meeting Presentation 2011
The slide deck presented at Twilio's board meeting ten years ago in 2011, shared by Jeff Lawson on Twitter.
Ask Your Developer
Jeff Lawson's book in which he shares his playbook for unleashing the full potential of software developers in any organization.