Released July 27th, 2021
Tren Griffin - A Primer on Space: The Final Frontier
Tren Griffin is a director at Microsoft. We cover how our ground economy is enabled by space today, what excites him most about the opportunities in space, and how space compares to other network foundations.
Venture Capital
Public Equity
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Eli Dourado-Frontiers for Productivity
A discussion with Eli Dourado highlighting innovative technologies including space travel's disruptive opportunity in the stagnation trend.
SpaceX: The Complete History and Strategy of SpaceX
Acquired tells the incredible story of SpaceX's rise from ragtag rocket jocks to the most disruptive and advanced force in aerospace today.
Elon Musk on Starlink at MWC 2021
Elon discusses technical details behind SpaceX, Starlink, and Neuralink as well as his reasons for starting these ventures.
The Importance of Space Lawyers
Professor von der Dunk illustrates how the world is unprepared for the legal implications of space travel.
The Commercial Space Age Is Here
HBR explores the space-for-space economy and the dawning of the commercial space age led by SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic.
How (and Why) SpaceX Will Colonize Mars
Tim Urban explains in detail the motivation behind SpaceX's goal of colonizing Mars and how they intend to accomplish it.
Creating an AWS in Orbit. Nothing Less.
Frederic Filloux profiles Loft Orbital in a series that covers the economics and politics of New Space, the funding ecosystem, and software.
A Dozen Things I Learned Being Involved in one of the Most Ambitious Startups Ever Conceived (Teledesic)
Tren Griffin recounts the successes and failures during his time at the satellite startup Teledesic in the 1990's.
Notes on technology in the 2020s
An assessment of how technology could evolve over the next ten years.
Liftoff: Elon Musk and the Desperate Early Days That Launched SpaceX
The story of SpaceX, from a struggling start-up to one of the most powerful players in the aerospace industry.