Released June 15th, 2022
Charlie Huggins - Diploma: Specialized Distribution
Charlie Huggins is Head of Equities at WealthClub. We cover the ways Diploma makes distribution defensible, how it uses decentralization to its advantage, and why it is able to earn multiple re-ratings on its acquisitions.
Professional Investors
Public Equity
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Colossus Research
Diploma Plc
Learn about the history, business model and competitive positioning of Diploma Plc.
Pat Dorsey - The Moat Portfolio
Pat Dorsey owns his own asset management company, Dorsey Asset Management and previously ran equity research at Morningstar. We cover network effects in businesses, how Pat values a business, and how to evaluate a SaaS business.
Connor Leonard - Capital Light Compounders & Reinvestment Moats
Connor runs the public equity portfolio at Investors Management Corporation. We cover IMC's backstory, business models Connor likes best, and who is on his Mt. Rushmore of capital allocators.
Freddie Lait - AutoZone: Exemplary Capital Allocation
Freddie Lait is the founder and CIO at Latitude Investment Management. We cover the ways in which AutoZone's customer focus echoes the best of Walmart and Costco, how the business generates some of the highest returns on capital in retail, and dive into their share buyback program.
Johnny Thomson, Diploma plc
A conversation with Diploma's CEO, covering his growing pains in the role and how the business has evolved.
How Niches Could Lead to Riches
Charlie Huggins explains why TAM isn't everything. His ideal business is a dominant player in a growing niche.
Why Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
Charlie Huggins outlines the importance of culture and how to both positively and negatively screen for it.
The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success
A book that details the importance of capital allocation and independent thinking through the stories of eight extraordinary CEOs.