Released August 11th, 2021
Henry Schuck - ZoomInfo: The Go-To-Market Platform
Henry Schuck is the CEO of ZoomInfo. We cover how ZoomInfo differs from traditional CRM businesses, its unique gross margin profile, and their special go-to-market muscle.
Business Building
Public Equity
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Leore Avidar - Creating and Selling Superpowers
Leore is the co-founder and CEO of Lob and Alt. We cover how APIs enable developers to create superpowers, pricing strategy for businesses, and collectibles as financial assets.
Ali Ghodsi - The Past, Present, and Future of Big Data
Ali Ghodsi is the founder and CEO of Databricks, a data analytics platform for data scientists and developers. We cover the history of distributed computing, best practices for using data, and the lessons he has learned as CEO of Databricks and working at UC Berkley AMPLab.
Data-As-A-Service With Auren Hoffman
Auren Hoffman discusses data as a service business models and the importance of data platforms in building futuristic products.
Ep13: Henry Schuck, CEO & Co-founder at Zoominfo
A conversation with Henry about the value of high quality data and the direction Zoominfo is taking going forward.
World of DaaS
Conversations with data enthusiasts on data building, acquisition and analysis.
Financial Model
ZoomInfo: Financial Model
Explore ZoomInfo's financials in detail with Canalyst's fundamental business model.
5 Books & Blogs That Will Make You Better at Inside Sales
ZoomInfo founder, Henry Schuck's reading recommendations for salespeople.