Released June 21st, 2021
Howard Marks - Embracing the Psychology of Investing
Howard Marks is the co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management. We cover how the last eighteen months have compared to market history, the importance of understanding psychology, and what he’s learned about writing well and the utility of doing so.
Public Equity
Professional Investors
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Bill Gurley and Howard Marks: What Happened In 2020?
Bill and Howard discuss what happened in markets during 2020 and share lessons about investing through cycles.
Howard Marks Memo: Something of Value
Howard explains the art and science of value investing, especially in the increasingly efficient and complex world we face today.
Howard Marks Memo: Dare to be Great
Howard outlines what it takes to be a superior investor - one must think differently.
Howard Marks Memo: Dare to be Great II
Howard asks whether investors are willing to do what is necessary in order to be great – including being willing to look wrong.
Howard Marks Memo: Risk
Howard discusses his views on risk and why the relationship between return and volatility only tells a smart part of the story.
The Most Important Thing: Uncommon Sense for the Thoughtful Investor
Howard Marks explains the keys to successful investment and the pitfalls that can destroy capital or ruin a career.
Mastering the Market Cycle
Howard Marks shares his practical guide to understanding and investing through market cycles.
Pioneering Portfolio Management
The seminal work on the Endowment Model. David Swenson describes the investment process he pioneered for Yale's endowment.