Released November 23rd, 2021
Niraj Shah - Developing Every Skill
Niraj Shah is the CEO and co-founder of Wayfair. We cover how the competitive frontiers in e-commerce have changed, what it was like to build out a proprietary logistics operation, and what makes the home goods market more attractive than other physical goods markets.
Business Building
Public Equity
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Colossus Research
Wayfair Research
Read our research on Wayfair's business model, competitive position, and history.
Ryan Petersen - Where There Is Mystery, There Is Margin
Ryan is the founder and CEO of Flexport, a technology platform for global trade. We cover the past, present, and potential future issues in the global supply chain, the role Flexport plays in the supply chain, and lessons he's learned building a global business.
John Harris - Resilience and Imagination
John Harris is the Managing Partner of Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb, the flagship Sequoia Fund. We cover John’s approach to finding businesses that can be owned for the long-term, what goes into their diligence process, and the importance of resilience for investors.
Katrina Lake - The Next Wave of E-commerce
Katrina is the co-founder and CEO of Stitch Fix. We cover the next wave of e-commerce, how stakeholder focus is a shareholder focus, and the future of Stitch Fix and personalized shopping.
Ram Parameswaran - Internet Scale Businesses
Ram Parameswaran is the founder of Octahedron Capital and previously a partner at Altimeter Capital. We cover the potential for internet scale business, explore the common characteristics of these businesses, and the most important qualities for 8 business models.
How Wayfair Built a Furniture Brand from Scratch
An HBS case study of Wayfair’s rebrand and the cost of building a brand from a blank slate.
Wayfair: Niraj Shah & Steve Conine
The origin story of Wayfair as told by its cofounders on "How I Built This".
Wayfair Tech Explains It All: Alex Pankhurst on Inbound/Outbound Fulfillment
A Wayfair engineer gives a high-level whiteboard talk on inbound and outbound logistics.
Twitter Thread on Wayfair's 10K
Ryan Reeves' succinct analysis of what mattered in Wayfair's 2020 10K.
Wayfair: A Platform Play For All Things Home
A quantitative and qualitative analysis of different parts of Wayfair's business.
The consumer demand recovery and lasting effects of COVID-19
A McKinsey analysis on the lasting effects of the pandemic and consumer behaviour