Released August 25th, 2021
Aneal Tenjarla - Dexcom: Digitizing Diabetes Management
Aneal Tenjarla is an associate portfolio manager at Sofinnova BioEquities. We cover the ways in which Dexcom's continuous glucose monitors have changed Diabetes treatment, the structure of the market Dexcom operates in, and where the business may find future runway.
Business Building
Public Equity
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Peter Attia - How to Live a Longer, Higher Quality Life
Peter Attia, M.D. is a physician whose interest is in maximizing human longevity. We cover the relationship between healthspan and lifespan, the ideas that he hopes become mainstream over the next 50 years, and how he guards himself from getting too attached to his old beliefs.
Nikita Singareddy - Investing in the Future of Healthcare
Raju Rishi, Nikita Singareddy, and Jason Black are investors at NYC-based early-stage VC, RRE Ventures. We discuss their focus on healthcare investing, the different stakeholders in the healthcare value chain, and the impact COVID has had on the industry.
Kevin Sayer, CEO of Dexcom
Peter Attia and Kevin Sayer discuss patient pain points, how CGMs drive behavioral changes, and addressable patient populations.
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Q&A
An in-depth review of the CGM market landscape, key medical metrics, and glucose management.
Financial Model
Dexcom: Financial Model
Explore Dexcom's numbers in detail with Canalyst's financial model
National Diabetes Statistics Report 2020
A report on the US diabetes population, including demographic and geographic growth trends, as well as medical costs.
CGM, insulin pump players look to 2021 as watershed year for diabetes wearables market
Useful overview of the CGM market, future opportunities and big players.
2 Million Patients And Beyond: Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre 2 Cleared In The U.S. For Adults And Children With Diabetes
An overview of Abbott's strategic focus as a high-volume, low-cost manufacturer of the FreeStyle Libre CGM.