Released May 31st, 2022
Aswath Damodaran - Making Sense of the Market
Aswath Damodaran is a Professor of Finance. We cover why inflation is such a dominant force in today's market, the importance of narrative when valuing companies, and his contrarian thoughts on the future of ESG.
Professional Investors
Public Equity
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Karen Karniol-Tambour - All Things Macro
Karen Karniol-Tambour is the Co-CIO for Sustainability at Bridgewater Associates. We cover a variety of the most important themes in the market today, how each of them has become more important for investors, and what today's 60/40 portfolio might look like.
Modest Proposal - Value is Dead, Long Live Value
Modest Proposal is an anonymous guest who manages a large pool of private capital. We discuss how difficult the market has become for active investors, thematic investment opportunities, and the potential sources of market mispricings.
Howard Marks - Embracing the Psychology of Investing
Howard Marks is the co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management. We cover how the last eighteen months have compared to market history, the importance of understanding psychology, and what he’s learned about writing well and the utility of doing so.
Morgan Housel — The Best Story Wins
A masterclass in individual market participants' psychology, covering the importance of narrative, personal finance and more.
Session 1: Introduction to Valuation
Watch Aswath break down the basics of valuing companies in the first video of his YouTube series on the topic.
The Great Inflation, Factors, and Stock Returns
An in-depth quantitative examination of how inflation impacted value and momentum stock returns in the 1970s.
In Search of a Steady State: Inflation, Interest Rates and Value
The full scoop on how inflation impacts financial assets through a few simple mechanisms.
A Follow up on Inflation: The Disparate Effects on Company Values
Traces the effects of inflation on the drivers of value, finding the characteristics of stocks with better inflation-hedging properties.
Narrative and Numbers: The Value of Stories in Business
Read Aswath’s framework for combining traditional valuation techniques and storytelling skills in order to better evaluate stocks.