Released August 4th, 2021
Marc Rubinstein - Blackstone: Beyond Buyouts
Marc Rubinstein is the author of Net Interest and a former hedge fund manager. We cover the different ways Blackstone earns money, how that’s changing, and what else management has done to make the business more shareholder-friendly.
Private Equity
Real Estate
Business Building
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Michael Mauboussin - Great Migration Public to Private Equity
A discussion on the shift from public to private investing, the significant changes in capital markets, and the rise of intangible assets.
Dan Rasmussen - Private Equity Returns in Public Markets
Dan Rasmussen is the founder of Verdad Advisers. We cover the myths of private equity, US versus global opportunities, and applying technical and systematic thinking into public market investing.
Blackstone's Moment
Marc Rubinstein explores the economics of private equity, Blackstone's roots, how the company makes money, and its secret sauce.
Public to Private Equity in the United States: A Long-Term Look
An investigation into how public and private markets have changed over the past 30 years, and what it's meant for asset managers.
Food Fight: An Update on Private Equity Performance vs Public Equity Markets
A look into the performance of the private equity industry versus public equity strategies.
Blackstone Investor Day Conference 2018
A comprehensive visual guide to what makes Blackstone successful and where future growth opportunities lie.
Financial Model
Canalyst Financial Model: Blackstone
Explore Blackstone's numbers in detail with Canalyst's financial model.
Stephen Schwarzman Says that Blackstone Is Not Done Growing
A 2019 overview of the Private Equity industry with a focus on how Blackstone has outgrown its peers, and how it intends to stay ahead.
A Year Of Disruption In The Private Markets
The report analyzes industry developments and trends in fundraising, performance, AUM, and deals across private markets.
What It Takes: Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence
Stories and lessons from Blackstone founder Steve Schwarzman's life on how he built, transformed and led Blackstone.
Private Equity Demystified: An Explanatory Guide
A comprehensive picture of the structure and economics of private equity, its history and economic role.