Released April 21st, 2021
Kat Cole - Cinnabon: The Omnichannel Approach to Indulgence
Kat Cole is the former COO and President of North America for Focus Brands. Before that role, she was the president of Cinnabon. We cover Cinnabon's fascinating history, its omnichannel ecosystem, and how it develops and maintains its differentiated brand.
Operating Frameworks
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Kat Cole - How to Operate: Lessons in Brand, Distribution, and Leadership
A chat with the COO who helped Cinnabon shift the way the company does business during the challenging year of 2008
Zack Fuss - Breaking Down the Food Ecosystem
A discussion around the economics of the food business and restaurants' recent digital transformations.
Rohan Oza, Jason Karp - The Power of Brand
An insightful guide on building brands, their pricing power and on partnering with influencers and celebrities to turbocharge a brand
Franchising a Restaurant, Explained
A balanced examination of the advantages and disadvantages of franchising in the resturant business
The Simple Guide To Evaluating Franchise Opportunity Economics
A helpful guide on things to look out for when evaluating franchising opportunities.
How Kat Cole Operates Cinnabon Like A Tech Startup
An exploration of the ways that Cinnabon's operations more closely resemble a tech company than a quick serve restaurant.
From Hooters To Hot Buns: How Kat Cole Turned Cinnabon Into A $1 Billion Brand
An insightful interview from 2012 with Kat Cole tracing her journey from Hooters to helping turn around Cinnabon.
McDonald's: Behind The Arches
An informative book filled with insightful stories about the growth and evolution of McDonald's.