Released April 5th, 2021
Alex Danco - Shopify: The E-commerce On-Ramp
Alex Danco works on the Money team at Shopify. We cover the revenue model of Shopify's different business units by using Apple as a guide, how it monetizes different derivatives of merchant success, and Shopify's philosophy, culture, and role in global commerce.
Public Equity
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Tobi Lütke - Building a Modern Business
A conversation with Shopify’s CEO about the company’s business model, video games, Shopify’s North Star, and Stoicism.
Shopify: Tobias Lütke
The origin story of Shopify in Tobi’s own words.
The Shopify IPO
An extremely in-depth overview of Shopify’s history, business model, IPO, and what the future could hold for the company.
Shopify and the Power of Platforms
A discussion of platforms through the lens of comparing and contrasting Shopify with Amazon.
APIs All The Way Down
A discussion of the modern API infrastructure layer with a specific focus on how Shopify leverages Stripe’s APIs for mutual benefit.
Shopify: A StarCraft Inspired Business Strategy
How Shopify’s “creep” strategy of business building is reminscent of a similar StarCraft strategy.
Tegus Transcript - Shopify Discussion with Industy Exec
Expert Tegus interview with an e-commerce industry executive on what makes Shopify so special and the role it's playing in e-commerce.
How Shopify Got Their First 1,000 Customers
A look at how Shopify got its first 1,000 customers and the bumps along the way.
Shopify - Bessemer Investment Memo
Bessemer's 2010 investment memo analyzing Shopify for their Series A investment.
Shopify's Underrated Lever
An exploration of some less talked about incentive structures that contribute to Shopify's highly successful business model.