Released May 3rd, 2022
Eric Glyman - Reimagining Corporate Finance
Eric Glyman is the co-founder and CEO of Ramp. We cover Ramp’s initial marketing wedge, how the business has dealt with such fast growth, and why they hold stablecoins on their balance sheet.
Business Building
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Alex Rampell - Visa: The Original Protocol Business
Alex Rampell is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, where he focuses on investing in financial services. Alex co-founded Affirm and TrialPay. We cover Visa's business model, unique history, and potential threats from other businesses and macroeconomic forces.
David Sacks - How to Operate a SaaS Startup
David Sacks is a General Partner at Craft Ventures and founding COO of PayPal. We cover the ways in which operating cadence applies within an organization, what makes for a magical product launch event, and what key growth metrics David uses to measure success.
Henrique Dubugras - Building the Financial Center of Gravity
Henrique Dubugras is the co-founder and CEO of Brex. We cover Brex’s transition from a credit card for start-ups to the central account for businesses, why building that central account was orders of magnitude more difficult than expected, and the difference between building a business in Brazil and the US.
Ramp Virtual Fireside Chat Q&A
Eric and Karim are joined by Packy McCormick to discuss their vision for the future of finance and delivering on better customer outcomes.
Ramping Up
A deep dive into the factors behind the rapid growth of Ramp, while looking ahead to what the company may pursue in the future.
How we built Ramp by taking asymmetric risks, and why you should, too
Ramp's CTO Karim Atiyeh shares how taking big asymmetric bets in business has fueled success for Ramp.
The SaaS Metrics That Matter
David Sacks describes the metrics of a SaaS company that investors should look for and care about most, especially in the early stages.
Ramp — the corporate card that helps your company spend less.
Read Eric's launch post for Ramp, outlining its product and value proposition.
Global Payments: And the Fintech Innovations Changing the Industry
Carol explores the common model behind national payments systems globally, and how fintech innovation is changing the payment landscape.
The Score Takes Care of Itself: My Philosophy of Leadership
Bill Walsh shares the leadership strategies that transformed his team into a powerhouse and are packed with lessons for business.