Released June 28th, 2022
Kenneth Stanley - Greatness Without Goals
Ken Stanley is a Professor in Computer Science. We cover the reasons greatness cannot be planned, the importance of the individual in a web of disruption, and how to best allocate resources to foster innovation.
Business Building
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
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Alexandr Wang - A Primer on AI
Alexandr Wang is the CEO and founder of Scale AI. We cover the building blocks behind a successful artificial intelligence business, the significant role of AI in global security, and why data is supplanting code as a company's most valuable asset.
Jeremiah Lowin - Machine Intelligence and Risk Management
Jeremiah is an expert in the fields of statistics, artificial intelligence, and is currently the Director of Risk Management for a private investment firm. We cover machine learning models, AI and intelligent machines, and defining risk in a portfolio and how it can be managed.
Prof. Ken Stanley - On Art and Subjectivity
A conversation with Ken on open-endedness, intelligence in art, and embracing subjectivity.
Ken Stanley on Neuroevolution
Ken discusses neuroevolution dynamics, resistance to evolutionary thinking in AI, neural networks, and understanding genetic algorithms.
Digital Evolution with Joel Lehman, Dusan Misevic, and Jeff Clune
A conversation on evolutionary algorithms, and the surprising results that simulations sometimes produce.
Joel Lehman on evolving intelligence, open-endedness, and reinforcement learning
Open AI's Joel Lehman discusses how discovering novelty search changed his life philosophy, and explores better ways to evolve intelligence.
Inventing On Principle
Bret Victor shares his views on how to live life and explains the principle that guides everything he creates.
Growth Without Goals
Patrick's post outlining why goal-setting can be a trap, and how continuous growth can be realized through exploration without expectations.
Explore Picbreeder, the collaborative art application based on creating images through neural networks.
Picbreeder: Evolving Pictures Collaboratively Online
Research paper exploring how Picbreeder and other computational pattern producing networks work and the results it has generated.
The Problems With Artificial General Intelligence
A look at the challenges needing to be overcome before artificial general intelligence can be adopted more widely.
Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned: The Myth of the Objective
Embracing serendipitous discovery and playful creativity produces better outcomes than obsessing over mechanical metrics.