Released July 1st, 2021
Michael Mayer - Business Boss Battles
Michael is the founder and CEO of Bottomless. We cover the problems founders face when building something unique, how to avoid solving bottlenecks that don’t yet exist, and how to iterate through issues before scaling.
Business Building
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Michael Mayer - Pseudonymous Social Capital and Bottomless Coffee
Michael is the co-founder of Bottomless, a smart subscription service. We cover the impact of improving your information diet, how to use social media effectively, and how to change the world by making important things legible to computers.
Peter Reinhardt - Learning How to Sell
Peter Reinhardt is the co-founder and CEO of Segment, a market-leading data customer data platform. We cover the lessons Peter has learned throughout his journey running Segment, why revenue operations is an underrated aspect of any business, and the current data use trends.
Michael Mayer: Building the Next Amazon
An interview with Michael Mayer on why startups that move fast have an advantage and how to think about execution in a fast-growing company.
How to Get Meetings with Investors and Raise Money
YC Partner Aaron Harris gives invaluable advice for how to most effectively and strategically meet with investors.
Do Things That Don't Scale
Paul Graham highlights the importance of founders doing tasks that don't scale in order for their business to get off the ground.
The Cadence
David Sacks outlines the operating philosophy he developed at PayPal and applied to scale his unicorn SaaS venture, Yammer.
What’s going on here, with this human?
Based on a wealth of experience, Graham Duncan shares how to make better decisions on a potential hire, business partner, or life partner.
Counterintuitive Lessons on How to Get Better as You Scale
Twilio CEO, Jeff Lawson, shares seven lessons he's learned about about scaling successfully.
Breaking Your Industry's Bottlenecks
A case study that looks at the major types of bottlenecks an industry faces and the questions to ask to identify and solve them.
Our 6 Must Reads for Hiring Tactics that Break the Mold
A list of unconventional tactics designed to up-level a business's hiring process.
High Growth Handbook
Elad Gill codifies a set of common patterns into a repeatable playbook for growing your startup into a global brand