Released March 2nd, 2022
Brinton Johns, Jon Bathgate - Cadence: Software Behind Semiconductor Design
Brinton Johns and Jon Bathgate are investors at NZS Capital. We cover the value chain of semiconductors, the evolution of Cadence and the EDA market, and how Cadence has been able to mitigate the cyclical nature of the industry over the last decade.
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Professional Investors
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Gavin Baker - The Cyclone Under the Surface
Gavin Baker is the managing partner and CIO of Atreides Management. We cover the current state of growth equities, the disconnect between private and public markets, and how semiconductors have evolved.
Carl Kawaja - Wisdom from Decades of Investing
Carl Kawaja is a long-time portfolio manager at Capital Group. We cover Carl’s criteria for building conviction around long-term holdings, his views on uncertainty, and his belief that failure is key to a great investing career.
Semiconductors: No 'Big Thing' is a Good Thing
A conversation with Jon and Brinton on the future of the semiconductor market exploring a range of possibilities for the chip end market.
The Complete History & Strategy of TSMC
A dive into the strategy and unbelievable story behind TSMC, the unheralded giant that sits at the heart of so much of modern enterprise.
Semiconductors: Everything You Wanted to Know
Hear Jon and Brinton speak about the history and value chain of semiconductors, and the main players and geopolitical factors involved.
How a handful of chip companies came to control the fate of the world
A whitepaper by NZS Capital on how chips are driving the digital transformation of the world.
2022 semiconductor industry outlook
A report that examines the current chip shortages and the future of the semiconductor industry.
The Microchip Revolution: A brief history
A deep dive into the history of the semiconductor industry.