Released May 12th, 2021
Vinny Pujji - Calm: The Sleeping Giant
Vinny Pujji is a partner at Left Lane Capital. We cover how Calm used data to unlock a non-obvious source of demand, how the upfront subscription cost has allowed for pure operational focus, and what the competitive landscape looks like moving ahead.
Business Building
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Sarah Tavel - Consumer & Marketplace Investing
An insightful conversation on building and investing in marketplaces, networks and consumer technology.
What it takes to build viral products
An interview with co-founder Alex Tew on how Calm was founded, what makes a great brand, and how to build viral products.
An Interview with Alex Tew
Alex Tew shares lessons on hyper-growth done well, finding the right investors, creating a new market & making a positive difference.
The Magic Of Sleep
Calm Co-Founder Michael Acton Smith explains how to get a good night's sleep.
Tegus Transcript - Calm Discussion with Industry Exec
The transcript of a call between a Tegus client and former Headspace Exec, breaking down Calm's business.
How Calm Won Wellness
An analysis of Calm's positioning, product and marketing strategy that led it to become the #1 app in its category.
Exploring Consumer Subscription Business Model
An insightful video on the past, present and future of the consumer subscription business model.
Consumer Subscription Software Insights
A report on consumer subscriptions businesses, including industry landscape, categories, trends, comparisons, benchmarks, and more.
Ten factors to consider when evaluating consumer subscription
The 10 factors to consider when evaluating a consumer subscription business.
Discover Calm’s Billion Dollar Marketing Strategy
A look into the marketing and retention strategy that led Calm to over a 100M downloads in 8 years.