Released May 19th, 2022
Marc Rubinstein - Goldman Sachs: Fortune Favors The Old
Marc Rubinstein is the author of Net Interest and a former hedge fund manager. We cover what it means to sit at the center of the capital system, the core segments of an investment bank, and the mystery and the prestige that has followed Goldman since its days as a private partnership.
Public Equity
Investment Banking
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Marc Rubinstein - Blackstone: Beyond Buyouts
Marc Rubinstein is the author of Net Interest and a former hedge fund manager. We cover the different ways Blackstone earns money, how that’s changing, and what else management has done to make the business more shareholder-friendly.
David Rubenstein - Life, Leadership, and LBOs
David Rubenstein is the co-founder of The Carlyle Group. We cover David's approach to building Carlyle, the most valuable lessons he learnt from some of the world's greatest leaders, and why he places such importance on history, writing, and giving back.
Stephanie Cohen - The Evolution of M&A and Corporate Strategy
Stephanie Cohen is the chief strategy officer for Goldman Sachs. We cover lessons learned from her M&A career, how Goldman Sachs balances innovation and improving existing businesses, and corporate strategy.
David Solomon on the Firm’s Performance, the Global Economy, and What to Expect in 2022
David discusses the drivers behind the firm’s strong performance, the state of the market, and the outlook for 2022.
David M. Solomon - CEO of Goldman Sachs
An interview with Goldman's CEO discussing culture, leadership, and attracting talent in the competitive financial services industry.
The Power of the Outsiders
Highlights how Goldman is creating great customer experiences at Marcus, its online bank brand, through transparency and simplification.
Reinventing Goldman Sachs
A dive into the future of a 150 year old financial institution on the back of its partnership with start-up payment business, Stripe.
11 Notes on Goldman Sachs
A look at how Goldman has evolved into a tech company driven by its tradition of innovation, unique culture, and management style.
The Great American Bubble Machine
Breaks down the hidden role Goldman has played in various aspects of society, and the various corporate scandals it has been involved in.
Goldman Sachs: The Culture of Success
An examination of how teamwork, close client contact, and a focus on long-term profitability have driven Goldman's success.
The Partnership: The Making of Goldman Sachs
Acclaimed author Charley Ellis shares the secret sauce behind Goldman’s success, strong profitability, and rise to global leadership.